The Magic Cube

Branding & identity design for Lego™ based museum located in Pardes-Hana, Israel

'The Magic Cube' museum

The logo has design to appeal "smart", "sophisticated" and "fun". In some way to look playful for the kids and also let them thrive with the feeling of curiosity.

The idea is to create an optical illusion which the cube is upside & downside at the same time, this illustrates the creativity among many things which the branding provide.

The variety of colors let the brand feel more "fun" & "playful" with a pinch of "seriousness".

The font "Ploni" (by the round shaped letter with the firm pointy finish provide the combined feeling of a children playful museum

The header across the brand (Print, digital, ads etc.) will appear one word on top another, which provide Lego™ bricks like feeling.

The Magic Cube